Authored by Amanda Beane and Jared Bryant

On March 26th Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairman, Joe Simons, issued a statement regarding the FTC’s continuing efforts to protect consumers during the coronavirus pandemic. The statement came the day before nearly three dozen bipartisan senators signed a letter asking the FTC to clarify what efforts were being taken to prevent COVID-19-related fraud targeting consumers, particularly the elderly.

The statement confirmed that the FTC is asking consumers to report COVID-19 related scams and is currently working with federal and state law enforcers and other stakeholders to stop scammers and other unfair business practices related to COVID-19. At the same time, the FTC expressed that they will take a more flexible and reasonable approach in enforcing compliance requirements for businesses providing important COVID-19 related goods and services in good faith to consumers during the pandemic.

Businesses with questions about their compliance obligations during the pandemic can seek guidance from the FTC by emailing