What you need to know now about your current coverage and how to protect your company at renewal.

A presentation on the complicated issues of insurance coverage for the coronavirus. Coronavirus loss estimates are already in the billions of dollars for retailers and hospitality companies as more retail chains and hotels are forced to shutter doors, send workers home, and look for solutions to supply chain deficiencies. Are the losses covered? Unfortunately, it depends.

In this webinar, we walk through business insurance policies that may provide coverage for coronavirus losses, including property policies’ business interruption and contingent business interruption coverages, supply chain and trade disruption policies, cargo marine policies, force majeure policies, event cancellation policies, workers compensation policies, and more. The speakers identify what language your policy needs to contain (or not contain) for coverage to attach.

We also provide practical advice on what companies should do to protect their current policies upon renewal if the coronavirus is still active or, more importantly, if at the time of renewal it has been labeled as a pandemic.

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